Sherwood Luna PKG:  $1599 / $1350.00

-Luna or Avid BCD..$580

-Oasis Regulator.....$399

-Sherwood Octo.....$145

-Profile Computer Console....$475

Sherwood AVID or LUNA w Octo,Profile Brut Regulator PKG: MSRP: $1603/$1330

Sherwood BRUT is a "Rugged Reliable" Regulator with a Balanced 2nd Stage at an affordable price!  Either AVID or LUNA PKG offers the "Parts for Life" Warranty !!

Sherwood Oasis offers unprecedented comfort with the addition of moisture retention vanes which keep your mouth cool & comfortable during the entire dive. 

Sherwood BRUT Regulator: $350/$295!

The Sherwood Brut Regulator is a Rugged & Dependable Regulator! Now improved with a Balanced 2nd Stage to make it evan easier to breathe!   Great Starter Regulator!!

Sherwood Scuba has been building valves and regulators for 60 years. During that time we've also built a reputation for reliability, ruggedness and low maintenance that has made us the number one choice of dive shops, resort rental operators, fire departments and dive search-and-rescue teams worldwide.

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