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Sherwood AVID or LUNA w Gemini, Profile, Oasis

MSRP:  $1798 / $1592 SALE !!  Parts for Life Warranty !

Sherwood Oasis offers unprecedented comfort with the addition of moisture retention vanes which keep your mouth cool & comfortable during the entire dive. 

Sherwood BRUT Regulator: $350/$295!

The Sherwood Brut Regulator is a Rugged & Dependable Regulator! Now improved with a Balanced 2nd Stage to make it evan easier to breathe!   Great Starter Regulator!!

First PADI Five Star Training and Instructor Development Facility in NC     Phone: 336-760-9226  Fax: 336-760-0101 Email:

Sherwood Amphos Wrist: $400/  ​$299 !

Watch Computer , 4 Operating Modes , 2 Gas - Easy

Sherwood AVID or LUNA w Octo,Profile Brut Regulator PKG: MSRP: $1603/$1330

Sherwood BRUT is a "Rugged Reliable" Regulator with a Balanced 2nd Stage at an affordable price!  Either AVID or LUNA PKG offers the "Parts for Life" Warranty !!

Sherwood SAGE Computer: $1150.00

 $999.95  OLED color screen/ Bluetooth Smart

Straightforward Menu - Easy Operation - 

3-Axis Compass, 3 Operating Modes 

​( Air, Nitrox & Guage)

Sherwood Scuba has been building valves and regulators for 60 years. During that time we've also built a reputation for reliability, ruggedness and low maintenance that has made us the number one choice of dive shops, resort rental operators, fire departments and dive search-and-rescue teams worldwide.