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HURON DX Deluxe Mesh Backpack 

$70 / ​$60

Mask Case: $17/ ​$15

YUKON:  Utility/Weight Bag  $34/ ​$29.95

Collapsing Mesh BackPack:  $85 Collapses to a

Disc for Travel and Storage: Drawstring, rustproof, 

Brass Grommets: Great for Travel  !!

The Less Than 10 and 7 lb Travel Bags

Sleek, Low profile roller bags. Changes in the shape of the bags provides 13% larger capacity. New features include: cell phone pocket and organizer      Less Than 10: $210                 Less Than 7: $ 175

Akona Reg Bag:  $46  Padded, reinforced D-Rings

Velcro closures to stabilize your Regulator inside​​

TANAMI  Sling Dry Backpack $58/ ​$50

Come by the shop for special items/pricing available IN STORE ONLY!

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