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SDI  Dry Suit Specialty Course:   $150 plus $50 Rental

  Can be applied to purchase of BARE  Dry Suit

​Course Fee Includes:  Professional Instruction / Certification

Lean how to properly install Dry Suit/ how to Dive a Dry Suit. 

Great paired with Full/Face Mask Class...warmer way to DIVE !!

​SDI   Search & Recovery

Full Face Mask Specialty Certification Course

Cost: $150  plus  $50 Rental OTS Guardian

   ($100 can be applied towards purchase)

Learn proper and safe ways to use this Full Face Mask. Installation, Safety Procedures dealing with removing Mask U/W..using your back-up Mask & Regulator.       SDI/TDI  Certification Class

​Instructor:  Mike McNeil

U/W  Navigation Specialty

WRECK DIVE  Course : Specialty

Join Blue Dolphin on one of our NC Wreck Dive Trips with Olympus 2020

Learn how to Safely Navigate and Dive off of our NC Coast. 

​     Course  Fee:  $150

​Dry Suit Class: Specialty

U/W Navigation Specialty:  $150

In order to become a good U/W recovery diver you must first train and become proficient in your U/W Navigation Skills...    Blue Stone will be the best place to learn with your Instructor to improve your Navigation Skills under water.

SDI  Search & Recovery Specialty Course:  $150  - Instruction/ Cert

Learn how to deploy a Lift Bag properly how to Find and Recover Objects U/W


Olympus Wreck  Dive Dates:

* 2021 -  TBA

​Full Face Mask: Specialty