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2019 Summer Schedule with Aquatic Safari

*August 30 & 31  (Trip Leader: George Smith)

​2 day 2 Tank Dives

ONLY 10 SPOTS  Available

August 30 Shallow Dive (Indra, Titan...) $125 Per Diver

August 31 Full Day Dive (U352, Papoose, Aeolus...) $130 Per Diver

2019 Summer Schedule with OLYMPUS

*September 7 & 8    (Trip Leader: Larry Kempton)

2 Day 2 Tank Full Day Dives

ONLY 10 SPOTS  Available

Sept 7th Normania/Sue's Ledge

Sept 8th John D. Markham/Hyde

$235 Per Diver

*July 31

2 tank Full Day Dive

"Robert Outlaw/George Purifoy Memorial Dive" to the U352

ONLY 10 SPOTS  Available

​$130 Per Diver

Scuba diving in North Carolina is truly an incredible experience. Fed by the warm clear waters of the Gulfstream, we have incredible visibility and comfortable temperatures making NC Diving always top rated by scuba enthusiasts and dive publications. North Carolina is also referred to as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic." More than 2,000 ships have sunk in these waters since people began keeping records in 1526.


  • Weekend of Diving Fun
  • Wreck Diving in our own Backyard! 


Dive some of the most impressive wrecks in the world, the World War II vessels fallen prey to Hitler's U-boat fleet as they traversed the offshore waters. Tankers, cargo ships, British fishing trawlers, and even German submarines, form impressive underwater monuments to this tumultuous segment of our maritime heritage. Among others, a World War I gunboat, a late 18th century schooner, and an early 20th century luxury liner exist in North Carolina's fleet of sunken history.

Key Information:

  • Several Summer 2019 trips (check below)
  • Costs vary by charter destination (Check below)
  • ​1 or 2 days of 2 tank boat diving


NC Wreck Diving Trip

With Aquatic Safaris Scuba Center/Olympus Dive Center