Blue Dolphin Dive Shop

Dive Boot: msrp: $50

Blue Dolphin offers the very best quality  Mask / Fins / Snorkel / Dive Boots...  Plus Expert Knowledge in Fitting You !!   

​Tiga Snorkel: msrp $40

​Nexus Snorkel: msrp $64

​Scubapro "GO" Fin: msrp $139

Dive Boot: msrp: $50

Scubapro Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Dive Boot  PKG

​       Free Mesh Bag  &  Free Mask De-Fog​  $235 !!

​Synergy Mask: msrp $135

Sherwood Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Dive Boot  PKG 

        Free Mesh Bag  & Free Mask  De-Fog​ $205 !!

Sherwood "Elite" Fin : msrp $120

Targa Mask :msrp $75

​Free Mesh Bag and Mask De-fog w PKG!