Blue Dolphin Dive Shop

**Both Pkg's come with Full MFG's Parts for Life Warranty plus Blue Dolphin's Known Service & Warranty that is extended to YOU the Customer!

Scubapro BELLA  BCD Small/ msrp  $679/ SALE: $515

Scubapro GO BCD Medium/ msrp $560/  SALE: $425

Scubapro "GO"  Mask,Fins, Snorkel, 

Tropical Boot PKG:  $175!! Free mesh Bag and Mask-Defog !

Oceanic ATMOS BCD PKG! MSRP $1759.80

                                           SALE $1583.80

*Atmos BCD   *ZEO Blk Regulator   *Alpha 8 Octo

*Veo  Computer Console Combo     

HYDROS PKG  /  $1989 msrp   $1791 !!!

*Hydros BCD w Air 2     *MK 11/S 560 Regulator   

*2G Computer Conosle    

Full Mfg's Parts for Life Warranty  plus Blue Dolphins known Service & Warranty extended to you !

Sherwood Targa Mask, Elite fins, Tiga Snorkel, Dive Boots: $195 ! ​Free Mesh Bag & Free Defog

New Oceanic Veo 4  $329.95

​Intro Price: $300

New Geo 4 Wrist Computer: $399  msrp

 ​Intro Price: $375

Oceanic Hera BCD PKG! MSRP: $1569.80

                                           SALE: $1412.82

Add a GEO 4.0 Wrist Computer for $300 more

(normally $399.95 msrp)

*Hera BCD/  *ZEO White Reg / *Air XS Alternate

*Oceanic SPG/Depth Combo Console

ADD a Geo 4.0 Wrist computer for only $300 more

New! Aqua-Lock Quick Dry

Now in Stock!! Msrp: $405.95

   ​Intro Sale:  $344.99 (10 yr warranty seams/)