​​MSRP  $950 w inflator

              $1099 w Air 2


The HYDROS PRO is a true breakthrough in dive comfort and convenience. The moldable Monprene®, adjustable fit and multi-attachment points combine to make this the most customizable and comfortable BCD ever. The HYDROS PRO includes both Trav-Tek straps and an integrated weight system. So with a quick switch of clips, you can transform it from a harness travel BCD to a fully integrated weight BCD. Now you only need one BCD for both local diving and travel! Its packable design actually includes a travel backpack with room for your entire dive kit, making the HYDROS PRO perfect for any destination. Winner of the 2016 Red Dot award for product design, the HYDROS PRO is an incredible feat of SCUBAPRO engineering, built for anyone who loves to dive.


MK25 EVO/S600 

    MSRP $879

MSRP: $719 w inflator

            $859 w Air 2



​   Womens

The Level  is a front-adjustable BCD that brings together all the best features you could ever want in a recreational diving BCD. Its high performance wraparound bladder is made of 420 denier nylon so it’s durable and lightweight and extremely comfortable. Stability is excellent thanks to the full-sized backpack and tank strap system. The flat-buckle quick-release integrated weight system loads easy and ditches even easier, and the valve system represents the ultimate in reliability and performance. Add big Velcro-closure pockets and four stainless D-rings for carrying accessories, plus two octopus pockets for storing a backup regulator, and you have a BCD that can’t be beat.

MK21 EVO/S560 

    MSRP $659

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Traveling divers who prefer the fit and feel of a front-adjustable BCD will definitely like the restyled GO, a proven world traveler. It’s lightweight and compact, but at the same time offers all the performance and convenience features you'd expect from a full-featured general-purpose BCD. Super comfortable, the water-draining Airnet backpack provides the right amount of cushion when wearing a thin wetsuit, or no wetsuit at all. The GO has virtually no inherent buoyancy so ballast needs are minimal. The air cell delivers lots of lift and double tank bands hold the tank firmly in place for maximum stability. The entire BCD can be easily folded and stored in its own travel sack, enabling you to GO dive the world.

The BELLA is specifically designed and meticulously tailored for female divers who prefer the comfort and security of a front-adjustable BCD that's shaped and sized to conform perfectly to their body contours. The high-end BELLA comes with every convenience and performance feature you can imagine, including strategically-placed padding and SCUBAPRO's exclusive wraparound bladder which retains its cradle-like shape even when fully inflated, providing comfort both at depth and on the surface. The integrated weight system is first-rate, and zippered pockets and D-rings are provided for carrying accessories. If you're tired of fighting bulky BCDs that don't fit, climb into a BELLA and experience the most comfortable diving ever.

MSRP:$589 w inflator

​           $729 w Air 2

MSRP: $499 w inflator

​            $639 w Air 2




​​​MSRP  $950 w inflator

              $1099 w Air 2