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​​​​       Blue Dolphin Dive Shop

              Scuba Tanks Service 

DISCLAIMERS: ANY Aluminum tank older than March 1988 can not be filled or Serviced 

Spare Air Repair/Service

Labor: $45 (Plus Regulator Parts)

Regulator Pre-Dive Check

​(Any brand)

Labor: $15 per stage

Tank & Reg O2 Clean

Labor: $20*

       Performed at Blue Stone

Air Fill on Aluminum/Steel Tanks

 $7 (Even if Half Full!)​

Hydro on Aluminum/Steel Tanks

Labor: $25 (Required Every 5yrs)

VIP on Aluminum/Steel Tanks

Labor: $20 (Required Annually)

Includes: Air Fill, Tank valve O-ring, Tank neck O-Ring

 Dive Computer Service

Labor: $16 per battery/$8-$10 New battery

Includes: Factory Specifications Dive Computer Testing, Battery Maintenance 

Regulator Service

Labor: $25 per stage/$75 Full Reg

Includes: Inspection, calibration, certification, & set to factory standards

Manufactures: Scuba Pro, Sherwood, Oceanic, Hollis

Parts not included in price/ unless Regulator is under Factory Warranty from the Manufacturer..must follow Guidelines of MFG