The first one is called Dori.  "Dori", a 426 feet ship that participated in the military Operation Overlord. She rests at about 65 feet on a sandy bottom and is one of the most popular dive spots in the Azores archipelago. Here inhabit several species such as Morays, Octopuses and nudibranchs that take refuge among the shipwreck structure. You can also see fish strolling near the rudder, propeller and lookouts, such as Barracudas and Amberjacks. It is indeed a fantastic dive, not to be missed! 

Land Tour

Tour takes you to the southern coast of the island, Vila Franca do Campo, which was the first capital of the Azores. You will visit the famous Queijadas da Vila Factory, famous for it's pastries. Then onto the Furnas Valley, where you will be serviced lunch. Cozido à portuguesa 

or Portuguese stew is a traditional Portuguese boiled meal dish and is cooked in the ground! After lunch visit  the Hot Springs area  Pico do Ferro where you enjoy the superb view over the crater surrounding Furnas Valley.  Then continuing on along the northern coast you will visit The Tea Factory, a unique tea plantation in Europe. You will have the chance to sip a cup of tea. The tour will finish at Ponta Delgada- idyllic view of northern coast of the Island of Sao Miguel.

Other Activities during trip

The Arcos da Caloura is situated in a protected bay and between 16 feet and 59 feet deep. It is an excellent place for all types of diving and snorkeling. The top at 16 feet deep descends to 52 feet, where you can find one of the four entrances for the main attraction of this place: an imposing cave where you can observe shoals of fish and some resident Goliath Groupers. The roof of the cave is filled with dozens of nudibranchs of different species.

When you visit the Azores, be prepared for an unpredictable and ever-changing climate.
Water temperatures: 68 degrees to 78 degrees

 Air temperatures: 53 degrees to 77 degrees 

​​​July 7th - 17th 2023


10 Nights in a 4 Star Motel / Double Occupancy 

14 Boat Dives 

One day land tour with a geothermal cooked meal 

Whale watch tour

​Tank / Air / Weights

Roundtrip Airport Transfer / Taxes

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$500 Non-refundable Deposit at Sign up & Travel Safe Insurance is Strongly Recommended 

Whale watching Tour

In the Azores, you can observe 27 species of cetaceans throughout the year, always in the company of professional team of skippers, biologists and lookouts. A mix of fun, adventure, discovery and scientific knowledge. An unforgettable experience.

Visibility is 100 feet on average and the most comfortable diving season is May-October. The variety of shallow rocky reefs, arches, underwater caves, wrecks and deeper oceanic dives offer an abundance of rich marine life in the subtropical waters fed by the Gulf Stream. Photographers will enjoy capturing the spectacular scenery as much as the wildlife.