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October 7-23 2021

​Fla Nov 2,3,4,5  Starfish Scuba & Pirates Paradise: Goliath Grouper and Schooling Lemons Shark Experience!

Offering 2 - 1/2  Boat Charters July 31/Aug 1

​This is for those who have no logs of any Wreck or Ocean dives.  Required by Olympus to do Full Day Charters- Click on Link below for more info on Cost

Come travel the world with Blue Dolphin as we discover SCUBA Diving in some of the most remote, yet beautiful places in the world! We also do Road Trips here in the States. Trips are mainly to the Coast of North Carolina, the Springs in northern Flordia and the Coast of Florida. We have a great trip comimg up in January 2020 to Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach Flordia. Dates & Cost to be announced later.

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