Our Technicians will examine the entire regulator:

High & low pressure hoses inspection and possible replacement 

O-ring inspection and possible replacement 


All internal parts (looking for damage and corrosion)

All Parts replaced per manufactures specifications

If it looks bad the Technician will replace/fix it

This will be an additional charge and not part of your regulator warranty

Regulator  Service

$25 Per Stage

Most regulators have 3 stages Total Labor 


Regulator Cleaning Fee 

Done when regulators show signs of corrosion from saltwater

All service work performed on BCD, regulators, tanks etc$2

If your BCD has an Air 2 or the like, make sure to bring it in for servicing

Tank Service


(Once every 5 Years)


Visual Inspection

(Once a Year)

02 Cleaning $30

 Scuba Pro / Oceanic / Sherwood & Hollis 

When your gear is ready for pick up we will contact you either by phone or email, depending on your preference. 

Once we have contacted you that your gear is ready you have 30 days to pick it up. After 30 days you will incur a "Storage Fee" of $10 per week per, set of gear.

​Not responsible for gear left after 30 days and gear left longer than 90 days will be sold to offset our costs

Gear Service 

Blue Dolphin Dive Shop has professional Technicians who are trained and are certified to work on the following brands

Your Service Report

You will receive a Service Report when you pick up and pay for your gear service.

The report will contain:

Intermediate Pressure

Working Pressure

Comments and suggestions about gear 

Service Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on our gear service

Issues such as "Free Flowing" or other breathing problems 

will be adjusted at no cost to you

Regulators need to be serviced at least every 2 years

Service Time Frame 

Normally your gear will be ready within 2 weeks. If special parts need to be ordered it could cause a delay.

Have you waited till the last minute? RUSH ORDERS additional $50

Computer  Service

Replacement Batteries 

$7 - $24


Shop Fee (Charged for all Services $2

Parts Warranty

parts are included unless you are covered under a manufacturer's warranty

Must have purchased from an Authorized Dealer & have serviced regulator under manufacturer requirements 

Must register with manufacturer

Internet Dealer are not "Authorized Dealers"

Regulators purchased from other authorized dealer must have a receipt as proof of purchase

Regulators need to be serviced at least every 2 years