Dive Wakatobi Dive resort & Pelagian dive yacht, indonesia

October 25th - November 14th, 2023



Air Fare Not Included


Dive Marco Vincent Dive Resort, Philippines

FALL 2025

Dates & Cost TBD​​​

Dive Coco View Reosrt - Roatan, French Cay, Hondarus 

March 2nd - 9th, 2024

​$2,099.16 - $2,337.16

Airfare $895​​​​​

dive Pirates Paradise- Dive Charter, Riviera Beach, Florida 

November 5th-10th, 2023


Dive with Whale Sharks at George Aquarium 

Date: TBD


Dive Adventures

dive "Gardens of the Queen" in Cuba

 Avalon Liveaboard

June 29th - July 6th, 2024


First week, Dive off of Pelagian Liveaboard

Second week - Wakatobi dive resort

Wakatobi is a dive resort in southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. In a tranquil island setting far from crowds and cities, with no other divers for at least 100 miles, Wakatobi seamlessly blends five-star amenities and civilized comforts with a pristine natural environment; a pairing that has secured its reputation as one of the world’s finest diving and snorkeling destinations. 

Dive Curacao

November 11th - 18th, 2023

$1,450.00 - $810.00​​

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Dive Devil's Den & Blue Grotto, Williston Florida 

 FALL 2023

Exact Dates TBD