Mike feeding the fish & Virgil the Turtle at Blue Grotto in Williston, Florida 2019

Instructor Trainer SDI/TDI/ERDI

Open Water, Deep, Search & Recovery, Wreck, Night-Limited Viz, Drysuit, Full Face, Sidemount, Solo, Scubility 

FRTI-CPR - First Aid, Oxygen Admin

ERDI/ERDI Full Face, Drysuit, Contaminated Water, Confined Spaces, Swift Water Rescue


Mike McNeil moved to North Carolina from Boston in 2004 and started teaching for Blue Dolphin in 2007 (yes this is the guy who sounds funny).  Mike retired from Kernersville Fire Department as a captain in 2019 and turned his focus to diving 100% of the time.  In 2019 Mike became an Instructor Trainer. This allows Blue Dolphin to advance interested dive masters to the professional instructor level. Mike is able to teach virtually every SDI and ERDI course and enjoys introducing new divers to the sport as well as facilitating advanced specialty goals. Mike also likes short walks on the beach that end with long ocean dives.