My name is Racheal Roberts. Originating from the Florida Keys, I have been in and around the water most of my life and have been OW certified since 2003. I heard about Blue Stone Dive Resort in 2017 and have made it my home ever since. I began taking courses with Mike McNeil to advance my training and have greatly enjoyed broadening the scope of my skills and knowledge base. Continuous education and training is at the heart of who I am as an elementary school educator and mother of three. I desire to share my love of the underwater world and teaching to any and all who are interested. My two sons took the Open Water course as soon as they turned 10, and are continuing their education as well, adding on the specialties of U/W photography and U/W videography. My daughter cannot wait to follow suit when she is old enough. I completed the Divemaster program in 2021 and finished my SDI Instructor certification in 2022. My Blue Dolphin Dive family has been the greatest support. SCUBA diving is a sport that brings families and people from different walks of life together in such a beautiful way. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to dive, don’t wait! Join the family!