Shoulder & Waist Pad Color Kit


S-Tek Back Plate Pad Color Kit


S-Tek Thigh Pocket


Must have Accessories

S-Tek Pro Weigh System




S-Tek Donut Wing 30

S-Tek Pro Harness with Backplate

Single Tank Adapter


SALE $1,059

The S-Tek Pro System's revolutionary design is built tough and loaded with features, helping to make your time at depth more comfortable and enjoyable. Designed for both utility and comfort, this system features a 3D formed back plate with harness that includes adjustable TEK LOC shoulders to ensure a snug fit and molded Monprene® pads that provide cushioning without creating bulk or inherent buoyancy. For convenience, the system is sold as a comprehensive kit including the Pro Harness with Back Plate, 30lb Donut Wing and Single Tank Adapter.

Spinner Spool Color Kit


S-Tek Spinner Spool

​50ft  $64

100ft  $68​​