The Hydros X is a front adjustable BCD that offers a fully injection molded Monprene® thermoplastic shoulders and back pad. This unique feature allows the shoulders to conform to your body like a tailored fit. Its flat-buckled quick-release integrated weight system and rear trim weight pockets work together to offer a more comfortable and balanced ride when diving. Add the full-sized backpack and stainless steel Super Cinch tank band and you also get excellent stability both on the surface and at depth. The bladder, made out of EndurTex high-tenacity nylon fabric, is extremely lightweight and durable while offering generous lift capacity, aided by lower back bellows. In the event of damage, several components on the Hydros X are detachable and easily replaceable. The two big zippered cargo pockets offer great gear-carrying capacity and are easily accessible even when the weight pouches are fully loaded. Two stainless steel D-rings provide clip-on points for additional gear. In addition, the Hydros X features a Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix with multiple D-Ring and mounting points that easily attach various dive accessories.

Regular Price$679

​SALE $500(Size SMALL/Color PINK)

​​Regular Price $1,159  

SALE $875  (Size MED)

The Bella was specifically designed, tailored and sized for female divers who prefer the comfort and security of a front-adjustable BCD. This BCD is loaded with convenience and performance features, including SCUBAPRO’s exclusive wraparound bladder which retains its cradle-like shape even when fully inflated, providing a comfortable fit and stable position both at depth and on the surface. It also sports a new Y-Fit shoulder design that fits the body better, allowing for excellent control and range of motion for the arms. The stainless steel triangular ring manages the forces in the Y’s center, balancing pressure over the body and keeping the harness under control for a comfortable and secure ride while cruising the depths.
Designed for Women

Dive Alert Buddy Watcher


​SALE $99

The Buddy Watcher is an underwater signaling device utilizing ultrasound frequencies to set off a vibrating and LED light alert on a corresponding paired unit. This makes silent communication between buddies possible and quite easy. The Buddy Watcher also has the ingenious ability to pair up to several units, if divers so choose, if they want to stay in touch with a dive group.

Scuba Pro MK2 EVO/R195
​SALE $350

Classic Downstream Piston 1st Stage
Extended Thermal Insulating System
Classic Downstream Valve Design 2nd Stage
Large Diaphragm for Increased Breathing Sensitivity
Reinforced Techno Polymer Casing