Who is this course for:
Any team that is deploying divers into the water
Any team that has not been formally trained on the proper tending of divers
What you can expect to learn:
Team structure
Effective communication with the diver via, line signals and electronic communication
Diver safety by: choosing the right diver for the conditions, air consumption calculations
Mapping and documentation
Scene evaluation

Tenders should expect to take lots of notes and spend time analyzing outcomes to be prepared for the next callout. Learning the proper PPE for the tender and spending long hours in that PPE, crime scene recognition, search patterns and decontamination procedures are some more of the topics covered. In addition, ERD Tender students learn and master tending skills in both confined water and open water settings.


The ERD Tender Course trains team personnel to properly line tend and participate within the public safety dive team in a non-diving roll. The ERD Tender role is so critical to the success of the mission and the team, some teams utilize their most experienced diver to fulfill the role.

ERD Tender Technician level minimum requirements:
One confined water session
Four hours confined water training
Six hours open water training